Tailored Solutions

THCQCIC can deliver function specific support for organization targeting performance improvement in specific areas including but not limited to:


Suffer from high rates of healthcare acquired infections? Need better compliance from your staff with the proper infection control practices? Need to fulfill accreditation standards requirements for Prevention & Control of Infections? Our Infection control consultants can help you build a solid infection control program with efficient surveillance system and help you raise awareness of your frontline staff regarding the organization infection control risk areas.


You can manage the chances of risk in your organization proactively or reactively, in both dimensions our quality consultants will help you anticipate risk exposures through applying FMEA and Hazard Vulnerability Analysis tools. And also will help you build efficient incident reporting systems that can help you respond reactively to incidents of risk targeting further risk reduction and prevention.


Our quality team can provide you with the pathway for developing a state of the art quality control program in your organization through developing solid dashboards linked to your organization balanced score card, efficient audit program compliant with ISO 9001 requirements, lead your organization with ease through the journey of acquiring international accreditation recognition and identifying improvement opportunities then acting on them with the best improvement methodologies available including Six Sigma methodology & FOCUS-PDCA.


Having hard time fulfilling the Library of Measures of the JCI requirements? Confused with the dilemma of how to improve your clinical processes? Our Consultants can help you with developing and applying clinical practice guidelines in your different clinical departments, help you develop clinical pathways and track the compliance of your staff to them and the percentage of deviations aiding you to standardize your clinical processes with the preservation of your clinical staff autonomy.